More Into Me had the privilege of catching up with Lhaki David the founder and owner of Croydon’s latest most trendy conceptional nail bar. Atara Nail Bar is located on Southend High Street Croydon, within close proximity of other trendy spots such as, Crepes Cones , Zen Lounge and Playground. After 30 mins with Lhaki David, Atara Nail Bar is definitely on the list for places to attend after the COVID-19 lockdown.

Atara Nail Bar offers cocktails and Coffee

How you would describe the atmosphere at Atara Nail Bar?

Atara Nail Bar is all about fun and good times. I wanted to create a vibrant place hence the choice of bright colors and floral/green theme.

What inspired you to combined nails with coffee and cocktails?

A  busy social hub was in mind when I started working on the Atara Nail bar concept. We live in a faceless society, therefore creating a nail salon that has a café vibe would encourage people to enjoy the coffee/cocktails and nail treatments and have face to face conversations. I saw this happening during my short lived opening of the salon.

If you had to choose between a coffee or cocktail what would your choice be?

Coffee any day, I do have a caffeine addiction. My little secret, a bit of cocktail hurt no one.

How do you make clients feel welcome?

Aside from offering a good cup of coffee or tasty cocktail with your treatment, good customer service is paramount to us at the Atara Nail Bar. We always welcome our clients with a smile and keep it as informal as we can. I don’t want them to feel that they have walked into a nail salon where everything is clinical and no one really smiles. Keeping it fun and relaxed for my clients.

You have put a lot of thought and detail into the salon interior it looks great. How did you come up with this idea?

It wasn’t an easy journey, it took me nearly 18 months to put my ideas together. I started off with a  tropical theme due to my love for nature. I come from an indigenous tribal group called the LEPCHAS in the small town of Kalimpong in North East India. This region of wildflowers and green meadows has sparked the green theme for my salon.

Inside the Atara Nail Bar

What three things would you tell your younger self?

Take life a bit more seriously, spend less money on unnecessary things and open this business sooner.

What was the inspiration behind the salon name?

I am a practising Christian and decided to choose a biblical name. ATARA means blessing and crown.

What is the number one treatment, you would want every client to experience?

Deluxe pedicure and Indian head massage.

What does being “More Into Me” mean to you?

In my opinion “More Into Me” equates to looking after your wellbeing. Nail care definitely fits into that. If well maintained nails make you feel better, then we should commit to doing what makes us feel good.

How long have you been perfecting your craft within the beauty sector and do you have any other beauty qualifications?

I haven’t been in the industry for very long. I started in 2015. Beauty has been my lifelong passion and finally I got to turn my passion into my business. I have level 2/3 Beauty qualifications which enable me to do waxing, facials and make-up. This is something I will be introducing in the future.

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Lhaki David
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    Atara Nail Bar sounds heavenly! Beauty treatment with coffee and cocktails- feels like a perfect pairing. I love the cheerful décor.
    Definitely on my list!

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