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Microblading and Ombre Brows

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  Book Kerry B Beauty for a relaxing, professional, customer-focused experience. Kerry is a leading Microbalding technician an also trains and educates other aspiring micro-blading professionals.   Semi-Permanent Make-Up is also known as Micropigmentation which is a delicate controlled method of applying subtle micro insertions of pigments to the skin. The technique is similar to a standard tattoo however pigments are used instead of ink and a Microblading tool is used instead of a digital machine. The idea is to create a gentle shadow of colour to the skin achieving a natural look and a natural colour. Leaving you with flawless eyebrows as soon as you wake up in the morning, ready to go with no application of make-up on your brows. Everyone has different skin tones, facial features, and structure which influences the treatment in different ways.  Each treatment is tailored to suit each individual.


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