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Origins Of Beauty

10% off a selection of vegan, natural and cruelty-free beauty and wellbeing brands*

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Are you a conscious consumer? Do you value your health? Are you conscious about the ingredients contained in the products you use on your skin?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to these questions then Origins of Beauty is the place for you to shop “Guilt-Free Beauty and Wellbeing” products.

At Origins of Beauty, we are passionate about natural and ethically produced beauty, skincare and wellbeing products. Our ethos and strong belief is that natural beauty and wellbeing are derived from nature's own ingredients......the Origins of Beauty!

We are committed to bringing you the best that nature has to offer, allowing you to indulge in "Guilt-Free Beauty and Wellbeing"!

We strongly believe that what we put onto our skin is equally as important as what we put into our bodies.

We have a range of natural, organic, vegan, vegetarian, halal-certified, free from harmful ingredients, chemicals, animal derivatives, alcohol, parabens, SLS, GMOs, nanoparticles, formaldehyde, mineral oils, fillers, synthetic fragrances and preservatives products. 

We have chosen to partner with environmentally conscious brands that are mindful and passionate about preserving the environment as well as benefitting communities.

Origins of Beauty is founded by Gayathrie, a mother of 2 who started her business in 2017 from of her interest in healthy living, beauty and skincare products which grew over the years and came about from a conscious effort to adopt a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Gayathrie had the desire to run her own business - to start something from inception, to grow it and make it her own. She is proud to be an entrepreneur and a woman in business!

Her wish is for Origins of Beauty to convey a positive message, hence why she has chosen natural, chemical-free, harmful ingredients free, animal derivatives free Brands that also support sustainability, communities and environmental preservation.

At Origins of Beauty, you can be sure to indulge in Guilt-Free Beauty and Wellbeing!

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