Is the salon you visit five star? Ask Jessica Crane

I meet up with Jessica Crane to discuss how, her one-to-one salon business consultancy programmes and group seminars are delivering excellent results for salons. With Jessica having just 30 minutes to spare, there was only time for a quick sip of my skinny latte before I had to dive right into the questions, to ensure I had everything covered. I certainly went away with some unanswered questions, but I managed to get some of her top tips for clients and salons.


Where does your passion to improve salon businesses derive from?


I was lucky enough to be part of an amazing salon group shortly after I finished my apprenticeship, this salon group I now refer to as a well-oiled machine. Not only that but the business and the people were motivating, inspirational and phenomenal. I had some of my own phenomenal experiences during this time even winning a retail competition and a trip to Las Vegas with the TIGI creative team! Most importantly I found my love for business. Naively, I assumed most salons ran this way but as soon as I spread my wings I soon learnt that wasn’t the case. That’s where my passion to help salons level up, scale, grow, improve and enjoy their business comes from.


More Into Me is passionate about beauty services and brands who consistently deliver excellent customer experience. What would you advise salons are the top five things every client should experience when visiting their salon?


My first biggie is actually before they have even visited you. Telephone manner, a smile and a positive attitude on the phone goes a long way!


Secondly, on arrival a warm genuine welcome with a big smile.


My third would be a fantastic consultation I want you to make recommendations straight out the gate. You’re the expert tell me what I need, inspire me with ideas offer me additional products & services. Energise and make your clients feel excited about coming to you.


My fourth, would be advice! Hairdressers, beauty therapists, MUAs have a ton of knowledge, knowledge that the consumer would love to know. Show them how to hold a brush, how to section hair properly, how to put in rollers. Your knowledge will mean everything to them and costs you nothing to share.


And last of all the opportunity to purchase and rebook. I visit so many salons who don’t even mention retail or ask to rebook. Women love to spend money and treat themselves. When women want something, they will find the money but you need to give them the opportunity. Plus, you are taking away the confusion of facing tons of products on the high street & saving money on making all the wrong purchases.


Expertise within the beauty sector is extremely important. What sort of practices would you be concerned about seeing in a salon? 


My biggest concern within the beauty industry and its ‘expertise’ at the moment is the level of ‘expertise’ people are claiming to have. Too many people are completing one or two day courses on things like microblading and a host of other services. Then working on the unbeknownst public, often with no insurance and no beauty therapy training. Now don’t get me wrong all these new techniques and skills are great as an addition to your extensive training but not as a stand-alone course without the extensive knowledge needed behind them.


Where do you see the standards of beauty services going in the further? Do you think customer expectation is now at its highest and how can salons keep up with the expectations?


Yes, I definitely think our clients are the savviest they have ever been as we are living in a technological era with Alexa and Google at the touch of a button. Standards are going to have to continue increase but so is our own self-worth as an industry, I am not a business coach who recommends offers/money off but in having a solid brand and ethos that draws clients in. A business that values what it stands for, one that knows and understands who they are and the value they bring. Being in a space where you compete to do things differently and better and not just competing on price. I am also seeing a shift from our large industry brands to smaller bespoke product ranges which is just fantastic—teams crafting their own facials and treatments bespoke to their salon. The creativity and ownership in this process really drives sales and recommendations.


Do you think salons across the board are doing enough to make their clients feel valued by rewarding them for their loyalty? More Into Me is a hair and beauty privilege card that rewards loyalty, do you think platforms like More Into Me can improve the customer experience? 

Yes, definitely More into Me is a perfect way to reward your clients. There is so much temptation out there for the consumer now they are bombarded with beautiful images/offers/promotions on their news feeds daily. It’s hard as a consumer not to be the magpie going after the new and shiny but it’s also our responsibility to make them want to stay. And I refer to my point we need to excite, motivate and inspire them to want to come back to us. We need to be making them feel special. As a task, today I would go check out who your top 20 spenders/fans are in your business. When was the last time you rewarded them? Even a thank you card, box of chocolates, free file and paint a small reward will go a long way. And better still the chances are your top 20 spenders have friends/family who are also likely to be top spenders/fans,  we want these people to be recommending you.


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