5 reasons why you should wear your hair natural and say no to hair straighteners, perms, blow-dry, and hair extensions!


This year has seen a huge trend in women of colour going natural and we think it’s here to stay. Historically black women of colour have felt the stigma associated with their unique hair type. Mainstream media has failed to celebrate afro hair textures, but black women have taken to social media to spread the word that black is beautiful. Black women have used social media to uplift each other and document their hair transition in hope to inspire other fellow black women worldwide. So let’s take a moment to recap why natural hair is a winning!

1. Wearing your natural hair takes years off your age! A little wave, puff or curl, gives you a youthful glow! So if you like the idea of taking ten years off your age, natural is the way to go!


2. Whether your alternative to natural hair is a straight perm, blow drying or hair straightening, all of which can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your hair, and in some extreme cases your body too. In particular hair, perms have an enormous amount of chemicals within them and have been known to cause serious long-term health issues. So going natural helps you to avoid toxic chemicals.




3. Your natural hair is unique to you. So why not be seen to be different with your unique colour, texture, and style. Create a new version of fashion and beauty whether you have tight curls or a lil fro, no one will have one quite like yours!



4. Do the unthinkable– going natural forces you to explore new hair products, new, and methods. Whilst going natural might not be for the “get up and go” type of girl, there is an alternative you could just do a big chop. Going natural could push you to be more fearless- if that does not sell it to you well what will?



5. Make a statement and tell the world “I love me just the way I was born”! This is so liberating and your confidence is something that intrigues and inspires the masses. You empower yourself when you, “do beauty, for you”. Whether you have afro hair or not, we could all do with a dose of lelf acceptance.




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Author: Serena Franklin

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