I had the pleasure of meeting with Tary Vivyola founder of the affordable luxury lash brand Bisou Rose. The perfect solution to give your lashes the extra drama they deserve. Lightweight, handcrafted strip- lashes made from the highest quality premium Korean synthetic fibres. More Into Me are very pleased to be partnering with Bisou Rose, offering what we think is, the most eye-catching packaging, lashes have to offer.
We were sat within the opulent floral setting of Saint Ayres coffee shop located on Connaught Street.  We shared what was our first outdoor coffee since the lockdown. Tary has such an infectious smile and warm nature making for an honest open discussion, with what felt like an old friend. We touched on the emotional motive behind the brand’s name, to life mantras, style icons, and much more.

More Into Me: Bisou Rose is so beautifully packaged. How much of the brand represents you and what you stand for? 

Tary Vivyola: The name Bisou Rose is inspired by my sister, Tatenda. We have a special bond and i needed a connection with our businesses too.
Tatenda’s brand name is Pink Ink, mine is Pink Kiss when translated into french: voila! Bisou Rose.
The connection between myself and Bisou Rose is simply the elegance and la dolce vita.

More Into Me: How do you want customers to feel when they experience Bisou Rose? Describe the Bisou Rose experience?

Tary Vivyola: I want customers to experience a touch of luxury at Bisou Rose. To ensure everyone is offered a high-quality service. Our aim is to be able to know what you want before you do. That is a true luxury!

More Into Me : Who are your biggest style icons and why?

Tary Vivyola: My biggest style icons are Dihanna Carroll, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. The femininity, elegance and glamour these women carried is beyond beautiful. For influencers, I enjoy content from @melissaswardrobe and @mellysophiamua

More Into Me: What three top lessons have you learnt during your business venture

Tary Vivyola: I’ve learnt to remain calm. Sometimes in business things will go wrong but remaining calm will help you to think logically and take decisions accordingly. Secondly, I’ve learnt is to be persistent. You have to just keep going! There will always be setbacks but you have to work towards your goal daily. Lastly, I’ve learnt to allow myself to fail. My dear friend Adriana taught me to lose graciously and to be comfortable with failure. It is part of the game

More Into Me: What are the top mantras you stick by?

Tary Vivyola: actually have so many but top three have to be;

  1. What you seek is seeking you
  2. Never quit, today is hard, tomorrow it will be worse but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.
  3. Keep it classy

More Into Me: What’s your morning routine? How does this set you up for the day?

Tary Vivyola: To be honest, I don’t have a strict morning routine. However, I wake up naturally at 6.30 am, I sometimes meditate, walk to the beach or the park and have my morning smoothie.

More Into Me: How do you deal with competition? There are so many lash brands and no doubt there are more to come

Tary Vivyola: I haven’t seen any similar brands to Bisou Rose so we certainly have a place in the market. We offer unique packaging and our quality control is taken very seriously. It’s true, the lash market is saturated but we love most lash brands and applaud their success. As Tracee Ellis Ross said “there’s enough sun for everybody”.
At Bisou Rose our unique brand identity is our creativity, high-quality service and integrity.  We provide quality premium Korean synthetic lashes in our beautifully crafted packaging.

More Into Me: What are your thoughts on affordable luxury brands and where they fit into the market moving forward?

Tary Vivyola: Affordable luxury brands certainly have their place in the market. I mean you are getting the best of both worlds right? A luxury service or product for a good price. They are the future.
As a luxury brand, I think it is important to acknowledge that the concept of luxury is incredibly fluid and its consumers are ever-evolving. Today’s luxury consumers are mainly made up of the younger segment of the population, namely the Millennials and Generation Z who are incredibly tech savvy. They value experience as opposed to monetary value.

More Into Me: Lastly you are an extremely young businesswoman and no doubt you have a huge vision. What can we expect from Bisou Rose in the next 5 years?

Tary Vivyola: I envision the brand to be well recognised within the beauty industry and to bring exciting products to the customers. Be sure to expect the brand to be the “Masterpiece to Beauty”.
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