As I start to prepare for my weekly zoom meeting with Simone Stephen, I began to think about the current lockdown and the rise in mental health problems. With the various restrictions currently in place it is so important that we discuss various types of therapy. After all therapy is not a one fits all solutions. So in this series we take a closer look mindfulness, Yoga and Reiki.

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Counselling helps with untangling a muddle allowing us to gain clarity with a calmer mind so when suggesting alternatives I often mention what can help to find your calm, a healthy and constructive choice. It’s important to realise that relaxation is actually a skill that takes time to learn. Techniques I personally find helpful to ground me are:

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation involves being aware of thoughts and feelings which is central to cognitive therapy. A level of non judgemental awareness is integral to being able to identify and label thinking and evaluate it in a helpful manner. It can help people stay with uncomfortable feelings, noticing them rather than feeling overwhelmed or automatically feeling the need to control them or be rid of them. By learning our thoughts are just thoughts this interrupts a cycle of rumination or frustration.

It is a means of staying focused on the here and now rather than automatic patterns of reaction hence mindfulness can be hugely effective in helping with the uncertainty of the future. Imagine standing at a train station and a train comes along, you don’t have to step onto that train and ride with it, you can watch it go by. It is in this way we can observe our thoughts at a distance and not be consumed by them.



Yoga is designed to enrich the body and mind in a holistic way including breathing practices, postures, mindfulness and meditation. It helps to relax, improve mood and reduce stress. Focusing on the breath and our grounding connection to earth.


Reiki Photo by rhythmuswege

Reiki is energetic nourishment channelled through the chakras promoting relaxation, detoxification and balance in the mind, body and soul. Blockages in meridians can be dissolved by reiki. The practitioner channels reiki to assist you in fully activating your own self healing power. Crystals can be charged with reiki.

Remember we’re all unique individuals! Some people relax through exercise, listening to music, reading a book or drawing.

Next week we shall cover Anxiety in depth in Series 4

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