More Into Me is opening its doors to woman across London to join the hair, beauty and wellness club you have all been waiting for. Become a member and benefit from exclusive perks offered by the likes of awarding brands such as; Mynx London, LM Hair, Pure Beauty & Spa, Nails By Mets and further seasonal offers from Rush, Daniel Galvin, Radiant London just to name a few. There has not been a better time to invest in you. With a growing number perks from handpicked luxury salons, brands and services you will be sure to look and feel great as a More Into Me member.

More Into Me is inspired by a mother, who felt the guilt of self love and investment, she says “I really believed to be the best mother, I had to invest every last penny into my son”. She continues: “The idea of getting a manicure seemed to be so self consumed, I convinced myself spending money on my son was always money better spent, I literally frown upon investing in me.” – Serena Franklin, Founder of More Into Me.

More Into Me is more than just a privilege card, it stands up for woman, giving woman permission to self-love, making More Into Me the No.1 guilty pleasure you’re sure to be proud of!

So sign up today for a complimentary 60 days trial membership and get rewarded for looking and feeling great!


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