More Into Me managed to secure a slot in the busy dairy of Simone Stephen MNCS – Head of Therapy at Less Ordinary and CEO of her private therapy consultancy self titled Simone Stephen. Earlier this month More Into Me went live with Simone Stephen on Instagram, the response and engagement was immense.

The insta live was so in-depth that we have created a weekly series of articles covering the event. We think there is no better place to start, than understanding therapy itself.

As mental health awareness has been on the increase, thankfully it has become more socially acceptable to receive therapy. 

How would you summarise therapy?

To summarise therapy I would say it is a process of untangling thoughts. Finding new beneficial ways to cope with thoughts and feelings, problem solving and changing behaviour patterns.

What should we consider before seeking therapy?

If anyone has been thinking about seeking therapy there are a number of things to think about when choosing a therapist, however, there are core conditions. These include non judgemental reframing to enable the client to take different perspectives or understand meaning better, empathetic exploration, unconditional positive regard, congruence and confidentiality.

“Therapy is a process of untangling thoughts”

Simone Stephens mncs

When choosing therapy it is up to the client to choose how they want to work and this will dictate what type of therapist they choose. There are a range of modalities and these include: 


•Person centred therapy which is talking therapy guiding and encouraging the client to take control of their destiny.

•Gestalt therapy-emphasises on  personal responsibility and helps clients be aware of the here and now and focus on the present with focus on direct feelings rather than interpretations.


CBT-treats dysfunctional thinking which leads to maladaptive behaviours and negative emotion. Here thoughts are the middle man between stimulus and emotion so a different thought can create a more balanced emotion.

Psychoanalytic therapy

Psychoanalytic therapy-focuses on unconscious thoughts/ feelings/ meanings/ motivations and the impact of the past on the present. For example behaviours, thoughts and feelings from parent ego state copied from parents, behaviours thoughts and feelings from child ego state replayed from childhood and altering this as a way to solve emotional problems.

Combination therapy

If a client wants to cover the range they could choose to see an integrative or holistic therapist who incorporates a variety of modalities.

Therapy is usually medium to long term, more in depth, focusing on experienced pain encountered growing up in order to shed light on how these have shaped you today for these buried experiences to be brought to the surface and released.

Counselling is generally short term with general focus on the present and presenting symptoms to find solutions to a current issue or problem.

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Next week

Next week shall take a closer look at understanding the aims of therapy and when to seek therapy.

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